2020 User Conference Coming soon!
New Orleans, Lousiana

What People Say About Us

“I've been impressed with the relationship between Prometheus and their customers. Seems like co-workers rather than customer supplier relationship. Great conference! Thank you for the invitation.”

"I like that you offer some sessions I can immediately put to use and some new procedures to consider. Good balance of Prometheus led and client led."

“Great presentations, knowledgeable instructors, relevant information per business and applicable tools. Excellent opportunities to improve and expedite improvements."

“As we integrate with more of Prometheus software, the value of this conference will become invaluable. The interaction with other users with similar issues and roadblocks is priceless. Excellent location!"

“Every year, I find this to be the most valuable conference by far!" 

"Everyone made me feel like I was their partner. They gave me useful information that I can take back to my job site."

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us with any questions you have about the conference, accommodations, or content.